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  • What is the difference between GAIAS RECIPES and other natural oral products?
    Most natural toothpastes, mouthwashes and dry mouth sprays contain natural ingredients but negate the ONE REASON we use them altogether ...To replace the minerals in teeth as the environment, bacteria, foods and beverages break them down. This Demineralization/remineralization process is the one reason we are recommended to use toothpaste at all. Dry Mouth, bacteria, genetically softer enamel and high cavity risk diets cause teeth to loose minerals. If we choose products that cannot remineralize the teeth, cavities and sensitivity increase. Many, many natural products contain SUBSTANDARD remineralizers or NONE at all.
  • Whats wrong with fluoride?
    This can be researched to best choose if fluoride is the best toothpaste remineralizer for you. Fluoride is toxic and a poison if ingested. The mouth absorbs liquids without swallowing them too. As a dental hygienist, I know the remineralizing effects of fluoride BUT as a consumer and health- conscious mom though, I have researched fluoride and its systemic effects. I believe there are much better options than fluoride products! I have had the opportunity to work in countries where fluoride is illegal as well. This set forth a self study of fluoride, history, studies of what finally brought fluoride to our products and what research says fluoride does to our bodies AND environments. I invite anyone to launch into study of your own to decide for yourself. After 25 years of clinical experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist and ten years of self -driven research, I conclude that there are better choices for remineralizing teeth and hydroxyapetite ( absorbable calcium phosphate minerals) is the best there is. We once had no products without fluoride alternatives. Today we do. Even better, today, we have THIS remineralizer option that is not only absorbed by enamel and dentin but neutralizes oral acids naturally AND is SAFE at EVERY AGE.
  • What is hydroxyapetite?
    Teeth and bone are made up of Calcium and phosphorus crystals called Hydroxyapetite (long name, but not a chemical). Nano (tiny) Hydroxyapetite is absorbable calcium and phosphorus already currently used in oral and medical professional products. Hydroxyapetite is used in medical and dental surgeries and oral care products. The FDA has studied and published research on the safety and efficacy of nano-hydroxyapetite in oral homecare products. Here's to the New Age of more natural and healthier choices!
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